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Sagitta Potatoes

Sagitta potatoes are a new seed variety which combine a full taste with a fresh colour.

Sagitta potato ware make excellent french fries or peeled products.

Seed is in big demand and will be sold out early. Seed prices are available - please place orders immediately or you may be disappointed.
Field Of Sagitta Potatoes
Sagiita Potato Tubers

Field of Sagitta Potatoes

Sagitta Potato Crop

Sagitta Seed Characteristics
- Growers

Sagitta Ware Characteristics
- Chip Shops

  • Second early.
  • High yields - bold tubers.
  • Suitable for a range of soil types.
  • Very clean potatoes - no bruising.
  • Multi use.
  • Good storage characteristics - short and long term storage.
  • Similar to Maris Piper chips, but without the storage problems and bruising.
  • Slight problem with Little Potato Disorder - now resolved by temperature control.
  • Seed prices very competitive
  • Ware promotions and marketing this season.
  • Very clean potatoes, all year round.
  • Round with shallow eyes.
  • Very similar taste and fry colour to Maris Piper.
  • Exceptional quality.

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